A supercharged interface for Polkassembly

3 min readNov 18, 2022


It has been a while! While we have been releasing features continuously, we were constantly troubled by the problem that we stuck to a traditional interface.

We decided to take the UI for a spin.

Here’s presenting to you, Polkassembly’s new interface, to help you govern better!

Our energized launch is focused on two things → elegant design and insane performance!

Here is a quick view of our flagship features, in their new avatar!

Overview section

  • A completely overhauled user interface, to make for quick, dynamic and simple navigation

Creating Discussions, Treasury Proposals and linking of on chain posts

  • Come together to create, discuss and vote on important issues. The community longs to hear your voice!

Creating, Tracking and Spreading the word on upcoming events

  • Set up new off chain events to let the world know where you are meeting to discuss the next big thing about your parachain!
  • Additionally, set deadline for your proposals to let the community gain full transparency on what you plan to deliver!


  • Detailed view of vote distribution with an easy to use interface which keeps users well informed!

Council & Tracking

  • Building more transparency for council members and their voting details and contributions

What more is in store?

  • Governance V2 migration has been completed on Kusama!
    It is Polkassembly’s first priority to enable this and enable users to continue using the platform as its primary choice
  • A new and wider scoped profile page to allow users to understand contributions of community members
  • Adding a delegation dashboard to suit all your needs for delegation in Governance V1 & V2

We are excited to ship more updates for you. Let’s work together to enable high quality, high impact governance for the DotSama ecosystem.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the new update, feel free to reach out to us on hello@polkassembly.io





Polkassembly is a governance explorer and forum for @polkadotnetwork & @kusamanetwork . We enable open discussions for effective governance.