Product Update | May’22

4 min readMay 14, 2022


Hey Polkassembly community,

It has been a great first half of the year. The Dotsama community has been growing with Parachains going live along with XCM, the Cross-Consensus Message format. XCM as we all know unlocks the true potential of DOT by enabling a fully interoperable multi-chain ecosystem.

Polkadot team also confirmed that it is working on future system iterations known as XCMP or “Cross-Chain Message Passing,” which will allow direct parachain-to-parachain communication without any intermediation by the Relay Chain. XCMP will also allow messages to be sent to blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin when it goes live.

So what has been happening at Polkassembly?

Well a bunch of updates went live as we diligently build a platform which sits at the core of dotsama governance. Let’s have a look at them -

  1. A new home page UI went live -

We have received some really good feedback for the updated design. The idea was to simplify the UX and make information more accessible to the user. We also added Treasury information on top of the governance topics providing users with a holistic view of the ecosystem.

We also feel that to have a great user experience, a user should not need to depend on multiple platforms. With this thought, we are taking steps to bring in information from all around the ecosystem and making it accessible to the user in a cleaner, enhanced UI.

So now on the homepage of any protocol’s governance forum, we have the Upcoming events(Currently just on-chain data) along with News feed(Currently the data is primarily from twitter feed but we are deploying listeners on various channels)

Tips & Treasury Proposal

We enabled users to create treasury proposal and tips from Polkassembly. So instead of first creating a transaction on polkadot.js and then editing the tip on Polkassembly, we now allow user to create the entire tip/treasury proposal on Polkassembly.

Parachains data went live here. While the design is heavily inspired by, the goal is to integrate this data across our product stack and enable access of relevant information wherever required.

On May 5th, gbaci, the co-editor at DotLeap and NFT review requested a feature. We knew the importance of the same but were oblivious to the fact that we had not enabled it on Polkassembly.

The Polkassembly team, got to work to brainstorm, design and deploy the Vote Status feature in less than 24 hours

We partnered with Automata, enabling decentralised governance for their platform. Read announcement here

Published a blog to demystify Multi-Sig wallets and guide users on creating and using a multi-sig wallet on Polkadot. Read the article here.

Partnership announcement with Moonbeam & Moonriver went live.

We tried to simplify Adaptive Quorum Biasing and explaining users the importance of the same.

Added a few more awesome team members to help us pace up our journey.

There are a lot of other things that changed at Polkassembly and we will keep posting more updates on the same.

In the coming few weeks, we’d be working closely with the Parity to enable support for child-bounties on our platform. As we always say, if you hold a token, either delegate it or use it wisely to vote. Together we build this decentralized world. 🙂

We are grateful for the support from the Web3 foundation and Polkassembly is a part of the latest cohort of projects at Substrate builders program. Check out the platform on & follow us on Twitter for latest updates. If you are building in the Dotsama ecosystem and would like to use Polkassembly to enable effective governance for your platform, please fill this small form or reach out to us on




Polkassembly is a governance explorer and forum for @polkadotnetwork & @kusamanetwork . We enable open discussions for effective governance.